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Hitting a product launch on time – what is the key to making this happen?

So here’s how it normally works – a business will have their aims and objectives clearly in their sights, they know what they want, the vision is set, the associated team just needs to deliver it. The team is made up of subject matter experts who each know their own role and responsibilities within the process, but do they know when they are needed and what influencing factors might be impacting the project at any one time?

Get Your Packaging Done Right the First Time

How to Approach “Right First Time” Artwork and Create Time and Cost Efficiency

Packaging and artwork management has become a particularly complicated process in many large businesses.  Consumers and legislators have become more demanding for products and packaging that meet their expectations for quality, cost and social responsibility. In addition to this, revenue and margin can quickly dissipate as new buying patterns emerge and mature more quickly than ever before. As a result, retailers and brand owners require improved methods to run their packaging and artwork development processes if they are to reach their objectives.

The New Frontier of Packaging

The New Frontier of Packaging

The continuing fragmentation of consumer markets as a result of rapidly changing attitudes toward products and brands has forced companies to shift their approach to both product distribution and communications.

RFID Reframes the Future of Retailing

RFID Reframes the Future of Retailing

In 2002, when Tom Cruise walked through a futuristic shopping mall in the movie Minority Report, it felt like we were watching a sci-fi film, which in effect we were as it is set in 2054.